Design and Quality

We’ve been making packaging for fruits and vegetables since before plastic came along. In our more than forty years in business, we have followed each and every development in the sector. Our flexible packaging results from over ten years of experience, constant updates in techniques and materials and close attention to design and innovation. We guarantee products of the highest standards that lend themselves to a wide variety of personalization.

Careful consultation and
 meticulous logistics

Whatever the product, number or destination, our consultants suggest the most suitable packaging, providing you with an ad hoc example. We ensure full technical and logistic assistance along with rapid delivery without unnecessary delays.

Personalizes solutions

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Commitment to sustainability

From film to packaging in pure cellulose, all of our products are recyclable or compostable. Our plastic packaging uses the smallest amount of material possible with an excellent ratio between packaging and product for a significant reduction in CO2 emissions in transport and storage. Our commitment to the environment is also reflected in our plant: we optimize natural light for illumination and green energy for heating (recovering it from our machinery) and powering out systems (thanks to self-powered regenerative motors).

A People Company

Competence, reliability, and team spirit are the values held by every member of Gamma Plastic. We work together to grow our company (and our new company garden!). We strive for a professional environment that favors the growth of talent and encourages dialogue to find shared solutions in the name of inventiveness and practicality.

Our garden

At the beginning of 2020, we created
a small vegetable garden that has
given us a lot of satisfaction

Piccoli Punti

We support local associations
such as the non-profit Piccoli Punti